Salty Sunset Cruises

Leisurely Salty Sunset Cruises

Enjoy Some You-Time

Enjoy a magnificent Salty Whitsunday sunset with a glass of bubbles and close friends.  Go the extra mile for that special occasion or just salute the sun to end the day.

Enjoy Some You-Time. Dining onboard Salty.
The Perfect Surrounding. Salty anchored.

The Perfect Surrounding

Salty sunset cruises departing Coral Sea Marina approx 5pm for 2 hr leisurely cruise with up to 10 family and friends around Pioneer Bay in the fabulous Whitsundays 

To Delight The Taste Buds

Compilmentary Cheese and nibbles platter with glass of bubbles, perhaps up grade to a Salmon Sashimi platter or Seafood extravaganza.

Fine food cuisine. Dining onboard Salty.